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”Just listened to your interview with Dr. Anne Kenny. Excellent! Will be getting her book. Checking out her website and passing the podcast onto my siblings.  Thank you!  It’s such a well done interview on a difficult and timely topic. I feel better informed just from listening to the conversation.  Thank you. Thank you.  Lisa H., N.Y.


"Great show!! Regards from Toluca México!!"  Antonio B. 

"Hi Pamela. I just listened to your podcast Sex God and the Conservative Church, what an amazing podcast I'm listening to you from New Jersey I was hooked up to your podcast from my therapist with whom we talked about all kinds of topics and issues. Continue to do great work and produce great podcasts.Thanks." Lisa O. 

"Congratulations on being recognized as a leader in your profession!  I always enjoy working with you and your colleagues on your radio show.  Thanks for all you do to bring attention to mental health!"

Javier Perez
Page-Turner Publicity
949.254.3214 phone

"Just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome interviewer! Since my book is brand new, this was the first time I had to talk about it and you made it so comfortable and easy. I hope we help a lot of people with what we said. You clearly have an understanding of depression and what it is like and not to judge people for it, so you made it easy and conversational to talk about a difficult subject." Kathleen P. Washington, DC  

"MyNDTALK is a very hot show and it benefits the surrounding community. Pam Brewer is more than a doctor! She cares about the mental health of our community and she is able to effectively communicate the tools to use in relationship situations. I have been listening to her for years and she is getting better and better each year." A.D. Maryland

"Thanks again for having me on your show and helping to launch Unwelcome Inheritance. My favorite interview hands down! ... Thanks for all you do to share your insight and expertise and for the way you bring out the best in the rest of us!"

Lisa Sue Woititz
Author: Unwelcome Inheritance

"I admire how MyNDTALK shifts society's discourse toward such constructive and enlightening conversations. I can't wait to listen to the show, and I know the General will be smiling."

Laura Lee P. Huttenbach
Author of "The Boy is Gone: Conversations with a Mau Mau General" 

"I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciated your having me with you as a guest for MyNDTALK yesterday morning. I can't wait to publicize the show on my social networks, and after listening to a few other episodes, I'm sharing those, too. Thanks for the good information your show shares!

I was especially impressed that you were familiar with the book, since so often, the radio interviewers I've worked with have not even cracked open a copy of Saved by Gracie. Your prep for our interview, especially on such short notice, made my day! In fact, my entire experience with you was delightful, and I hope the broadcast reaches those who need to hear its message.

Jan Dunlop
Saved by Gracie

“What a delight it was to hear “Life Soars at the Caroline Center” in its entirety today on MyNDTALK. It was a wonderful program, and we have received lots of praises today from staff, trustees, and volunteers on how much they enjoyed and appreciated hearing the personal perspectives that our alumnae Kiara Parker and Lisa Simms brought to bear. Thank you for helping them to be their best “radio” selves. …

We deeply appreciate the many talents and professional skills you bring to your program, among them your terrific interviewing style. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Caroline Center and for helping to create an on-air conversation that felt personal and intimate as it educated and informed broadly about the larger picture of women and work. … .”

Nancy Sherman
Caroline Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Director of Marketing & Communications
(p) 410.563.1303 x25

“My interview with Pamela was a joy and a terrific experience for me. She asked such insightful questions and kept the flow of our conversation going as though we were in one of our kitchens, chatting over a cup of tea! Pamela allowed me to talk about a topic - depression and spirituality - that some people feel uncomfortable discussing and seemed to understand the stigma and shame that often go along with this illness and the importance of spirituality in contributing to a positive state of mind.”

Kathleen Pasley
The Ten Mind Traps of Depression
A Spiritual Guide to Healing the Hurt in Your Soul

"As a trauma survivor and international advocate for human, civil, children and victim rights, I was honoured and grateful for the invitation to join MyNDTALK and its thoughtful and amazing host, Dr. Pamela Brewer. Traumatic experiences can be dehumanizing, shocking and terrifying. Pamela's interview style fosters an environment where humanity takes shape and drives the conversation toward healing, rebuilding and resiliency so that the voice of the survivor can be clearly heard." 

William Kellibrew IV
International Advocate and Trauma Survivor

“MyNDTALK is a wonderful experience for your listeners and a wonderful experience for authors particularly in the self-help genre. Your questions were so relevant to the consequences of unnecessary, unwanted, and unproductive interruptions, and your understanding of the distress impact that these interruptions have on the family life made our conversation comfortable and natural, and I hope your listeners benefit by learning what it was you and I were talking about in that time that just flew by.”

Edward G. Brown
Author, The Time Bandit

“Pamela did a great interview with me for Mental Health Month on MyNDTALK, and really helped to promote mental health in general.  She got to the core of the issues, and did so in a conversational, upbeat, and entertaining way!”  

Paul Gionfriddo
President and CEO, Mental Health America

"Pamela Brewer provides some of the best talk radio in the nation. She's wise, compassionate and a great interviewer. I'm very impressed with the quality and variety of her shows, and honored to have been a guest on MyNDTALK radio." 

Ana Holub
Author: Forgive and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide to Release, Healing and Higher Consciousness

"Interviews with Pamela are a pleasure!  She prepares, really listens and asks good questions that are relevant and thoughtful." 

Syble Solomon
Financial Behaviorist/Creator of Money Habitudes® cards

"It has been my honor to be interviewed by Dr. Pamela Brewer. Dr. Brewer has a knack for asking insightful questions of her guests that really get to the “heart of the matter” and allows her guest to provide insightful responses…thus providing a truly meaningful experience for her listeners."

Nancy Solomon