'MyNDTALKERS'  Are Saying...

"I just have to thank you for sharing the kind of information you do.  I heard Friday's show, immediately went and got the book that was being discussed and then told all my friends!  I can't say enough to thank you, thank you, thank you! DJ: California

Critical thinking skills are a part of what we all must do to survive well - I am so pleased the conversation was so impactful for you.  pb

"I have to say thank you for all that you do!  I listen every day - you have made such a difference in my life!" FM: WDC

Thank you so much, FM - that is my goal for every show. pb

"I was so touched by today's show.  It allowed me to think that maybe I can make a difference in my own life."   ZM: NY
I am so pleased to hear that I was able to bring you a conversation that impacted you in such a positive and powerful way.  Thank you for letting me know! pb

"I just went to your archive and listened to your show with the Black Secret Service guy - Wow!  Really scary and really interesting.  I had no idea that Kennedy had a Black guy in the Secret Service.  Thanks for another wonderful show! RB: NO

It is amazing how powerful and consistent history can be, isn't it?! pb

"Heard your show about infidelity.  It helped me so much - and gave me courage and hope that I might be able to turn my own mariage around.  Thank you!!!! CC: Seattle

Thanks you for your comments, CC.  Infidelity is indeed a hard thing to work through - but it can be - if both parties are 110% willing. pb

" Dr. Brewer I had to write to thank you for today's show.  I don't know how you do it -  some of the people you talk to -- well, let's just say, I couldn't keep my cool the way do.  The guy who starting talking about how it was his wife's fault that he cheated really upset me.  It was like deja vu!  He used exactly the same words my husband used on me.  But you gently told him that he "was the owner" of his own behavior - and I loved it!  What a great way to tell him just what I needed to hear!  Thanks Doc!" Grateful: Washington, DC

I really enjoy hearing from listeners - and your letter was wonderful to receive. One of the greatest difficulties for those who experience trust violations is when they are blamed for the painful behavior to which they have been exposed.  I will say again - the ONLY person responsiblity for these trust violations - is the person who violated the trust. pb

"Listening to Graham Music explain things the way he did helped me to understand my marriage.  Thank you for bringing us such insightful shows.  M.R.: Virginia

"I listen to your show online heard the show about the guy who almost cut off his own leg. Man - that guy is a trip!  But what a story!  After listening to his story, I started looking at my life - You know what Doc - I think I'm going o work harder af solving my problems.  I was really thinking about divorcing my wife - but after that guys story - it made me think.  Thanks Doc, thanks"  O.N.: Annapolis, MD

That was an amazing conversation for me as well.  I was floored when I learned that Gary was actually doing the interview from a hospital bed - because he'd injured himself again.  Here's hoping that he does not sustain any more injuries!  He has a brave spirit. Would love for him to around for a long, long time! pb

"You have a very unique and diverse audience. I have grown a great deal from listening and participating in your programs over the years. I have told several people about your show. Looking forward to exploring your new website in detail. I love the changes!!"  K.S. Potomac Mills, MD