Why Sponsorship?

When you sponsor MyNDTALK – you are letting your clients, colleagues, etc. know that making a difference in their mental and relationship health is important to you.  You are making it clear that you feel a commitment to actively support socially conscious programing.  Research has shown that consumers prefer to support businesses and organizations that share their sense of social commitment to the world in which we all live. MyNDTALK is nonprofit, noncommercial and is available on various platforms including on demand @ www.MyNDTALK.org

Sponsorship Singles You Out 

Sponsorship on MYNDTALK, puts your product or service in a unique position by clearly separating your name from the clutter inherent in commercial advertising. Just as you, support MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer, our loyal listeners will support you. A great majority of community radio listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover the company supports noncommercial nonprofit media. 

You Can Reach a Targeted Audience 

By underwriting, you can reach 8,000+ listeners/visitors per month on MyNDTALK.  MyNDTALK offers you a unique opportunity with one or more of our various packages starting at only $50.00 per week of your company, tagline and link to your site. At 125.00 per week / 400.00 per month/1125.00 quarterly/ 4000.00 yearly a dedicated placement is available to you on the MyNDTALK website.

Sponsorship Identifies Your Company as Socially Aware 

An association with MyNDTALK says your company is a civic and community-minded organization with an active interest in contributing to the accessibility of mental health and relationship health awareness and tools. You will be exposing your product to individuals who are predisposed to your offerings as they are already interested in experiences and products specific to women, men, life transitions, mental health treatment, self-help, and more

The Full Amount You Pay is a Tax-deductible Contribution.

Because MyNDTALK is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, your underwriting contribution could be considered 100% tax-deductible2. You should ask your tax advisor for a final determination. 

Why a Podcast?

MyNDTALK can reach qualified potential customers in more places, more frequently and more consistently than any other medium including broadcast radio. We virtually have listeners and visitors from all over the world with the majority located in the US and Canada. You will reach potential customers on their computers or laptops at home or in the office and on their smart phones in the car or out running errands. Qualified candidates will hear your message no matter where they are in the country or in the world.  

For More Information

Contact Pamela Brewer, Executive Producer @ 301.654.5286 and/or Pamela@MyNDTALK.org