Sponsorship at MyNDTALK.ORG

Available to Businesses - Organizations - Individuals

Online sponsorship of MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer can help enhance your organization’s image while providing you with a unique and valuable opportunity to broaden your audience.

Underwriting options include: 

  • Men's Monday
  • Transitions Tuesday
  • Women's Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Friday: On The Psychological Side

You can specify the audience you wish to target!

In addition to MyNDTALK's online following of @ 8,000 listeners per month, listeners access programs via Smartphones and Apple podcasts via blogtalk.com site at an average of @ 1000 listeners per month. Additional availability is at soundcloud.com, prx.org, spreaker.com.  MyNDTALK also has its own App - available free through the iTunes store.  A MyNDTALK Android app is available at GooglePlay.  

SPONSORSHIP AT THE MyNDTALK WEBSITE provides you with a consistent presence for people looking for you and your services. A full month of 24 hours a day sponsorship  (Monday - Thursday)  exposes your brand to adult consumers who are interested in self-care, emotional health, relationship and mental health well-being.  Friday sponsorship of $5,500 has your brand identified on the MyNDTALK homepage Friday - Sunday.  

Every monthly supporter will be thanked on the website and receive a Thank-You gift.

For more information - please send your query to Pamela@MyNDTALK.org  Underwriting guidelines (as established by the US Federal Communications Commission - FCC)  prohibit your ability to directly "sell" your service/product, however, underwriting guidelines allow you exhibit your company/brand - information re: your service/product and contact information.  The following is excerpted from the Federal Communications Commission Policy guidelines for educational broadcasting: " -  allow public broadcasters to expand or "enhance" the scope of donor and underwriter acknowledgements to include (1) logos  or slogans which identify and do not promote, (2) location information, (3) value neutral descriptions of a product line or service, and (4) brand and trade names and product or service listings.  1984 Order at 263.  FCC" 

You receive:

  • priority logo placement on the home page
  • your logo is prominently displayed with the audio
  • a link is placed to your website and/or facebook page
  • voiced branding within the program
  • your brand reaches thoughtful, self-care, psychologically focused adults
  • the ability to make a difference in your brand's areas of interest

Listeners request information about clinical resources, social service resources, testing, learning and daily living resources. MyNDTALK’s adult female and male listeners are interested in creating emotionally healthy lives for themselves and those they care about, community health/growth, and mindful living.

Sponsorship packages and commitment levels vary in order to fit your goals and budget.  Contact us at Pamela@MyNDTALK.org for more information.

Individuals who wish to share a special greeting with someone also have an opportunity to support MyNDTALK. Copy for these greetings should be no more than 25 words. Contact us at Pamela@MyNDTALK.org for more information.
MyNDTALK is a 501 (C) 3 organization. Your support is tax deductible.