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Men's Monday

  • Aired on Monday, February 13, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally - Michael Taylor

    Without question life can be difficult and challenging. But what if all the challenges in your life were really stepping stones to living the life of your dreams? Coach Michael Taylor discusses how he was able to overcome being a high school dropout, a divorce, depression, bankruptcy and foreclosure and is now living his dream as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and radio and television host. You will learn that adversity really is your greatest ally and when you learn to accept this fact you can create the life you were born to live.
  • Aired on Monday, February 06, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Is His America Your America - S.L.Young

    The day I was born my mom looked at me with pride to determine if had safely arrived. In response to my mother’s request to determine if I was okay, she heard someone say, “It’s a boy,” which gave me a label on my first day. As I navigated the neighborhoods away from my house, I was clearly in areas in which I clearly stood out. It was in these moments I learned that I would be described by a label regardless of the things that I brought to the table. The words that are often used don’t describe who I am, but these types of descriptors are sometimes negatively attached to me instead of the positive man that I am." S.L.Young , Huffington Post 2014
    "More Than a Label"  (

    S.L.Young, an educator, motivational speaker and author of several books, joins us today to discuss his series, "It's a Crazy world - Learn From It"
  • Aired on Monday, January 30, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Echo From Dealey Plaza - Part 1 - Abraham Bolden

    A gripping and unforgettable true story of bravery and patriotism in the face of bitter hatred.  Abraham Bolden was a young African American Secret Service agent in Chicago when he was asked by John F. Kennedy himself to join the White House Secret Service detail. For Bolden, it was a dream come true-and an encouraging sign of the charismatic president's vision for a new America.

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Transitions Tuesday

  • Aired on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - One Mission: Empowerment - Indred Alexander

    Indred shares her path from little one to student, worker, wife, mom and then business owner. After a number of life's twists and turns -
    Indred crafted her own life, her own goals, her own way of giving back to the community while growing her own professional and
    financial security. An inspiring story for anyone who wants to go out on their own - and wonders if and how it can be done.
  • Aired on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK  -  Loving in the Grown Zone - Alfred A Edmond

    Feeling stuck in your relationship? Want to learn how to transition from ho -hum to healthy and grown? Too many people have surrendered to the belief that dissatisfaction, neglect, infidelity, abuse, disrespect, conflict, exploitation and betrayal are natural, normal, and unavoidable characteristics of romantic relationships and even marriage. Alfred A. Edmond Jr. and Zara Green say we are presented with a choice: relationships that  don't last and relationships that do - as long as participants are willing to endure suffering, mistreatment, and victimization, usually at the hands of one another. Alfred A Edmond, Jr. co-author of Loving in the Grown Zone offers a rejection of that thinking. ... Relationships are not a matter of luck or chance, but of intention, learnable skills and practices, and commitment to personal growth.
  • Aired on Tuesday, February 07, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Grandparents As Parents - Sylvie de Toledo

    Dr. Pamela Brewer talks with Sylvie de Toledo - Founder of Grandparents As Parents ( and two members of the organization, Sharon Jarkoff and Jacqueline Laird.  Grandparents becoming parents affects many women - many people. Listen to 3 stories about how to manage this complicated, multi-level relationship between grandparent, parent and grandchild.

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Women's Wednesday

  • Aired on Wednesday, February 08, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Bounce Back Better - Maya W. Tyler

    After Maya W. Tyler - a young wife and mother - experienced the tragic loss of her husband, she felt the pain, depression, and anxiety that so often accompany a major loss. But years of grieving have finally brought her to a place where she accepts the changed contours of her life and embraces the future with hope and enthusiasm. Tyler's candid voice brings perspective and energy to the difficult process of grieving. This is a 'don't miss' conversation for anyone and everyone who has experienced loss.
  • Aired on Wednesday, February 01, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK – Philanthropy Advisor - Dr. M. Starita Boyce-Ansari

    Starita Boyce-Ansari's expertise lies in many areas... philanthropy advising, strategic planning, fund development, and program design and evaluation. Starita has led a range of institutions through periods of growth and revitalization, culminating in organizational advancement, responsive philanthropy, innovative programming and financial stability. In today's uncertain times - Dr. Boyce-Ansari's guidance is particularly invaluable.
  • Aired on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - A Song in her Heart - Maryanne Fiorentino

    Adopted at an early age, moved to a new country, and experiencing significant mental health challenges, today Maryanne talks about her challenges, her joys and her singing career. You will be touched by her strength of spirit and the beauty of her voice!

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Thoughtful Thursday

  • Aired on Thursday, February 16, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - The Lies We Tell Ourselves - Jon Frederickson

    Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you wonder why? Does something seem wrong, but you can't put your finger on it? Psychotherapist Jon Frederickson reveals the ways we fool ourselves and how to get unstuck. Frederickson discusses how to recognize the lies we tell ourselves and face the truths we have avoided ... Frederickson says "although we may use falsehoods to escape pain, clinging to our fantasies actually becomes the source of greater suffering."
  • Aired on Thursday, February 09, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - The Power of Two - Dr. Susan Heitler

    Psychologist Susan Heitler discusses the basics of collaborative dialogue and shows how these techniques can be applied to even the most sensitive issues in ways that respond to both partners' needs and help to strengthen their relationship. She also discusses the communication and conflict-resolution skills that happy couples use
    to deal with differences. Listen to this conversation and learn strategies for making decisions together, resolving conflicts, recovering after upsets, and converting difficulties into opportunities for growth.
  • Aired on Thursday, February 02, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Selective Mutism - Dr. Veronica Raggi

    Selective mutism (SM), is best understood as a childhood anxiety disorder characterized by a child or adolescent's inability to speak in one or more social settings (e.g., at school, in public places, with adults) despite being able to speak comfortably in other settings(e.g., at home with family). Today, MyNDTALK is joined by Dr. Veronica Raggi of Alvord, Baker & Associates (Rockville, MD) to discuss what selective mutism is and is not.

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Friday: On The Other Side

  • Aired on Friday, February 17, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Does History Change? Or Remain the Same? - Dr. Kali Nicole Gross

    In Hannah Mary Tabbs and the Disembodied Torso, historian Kali Nicole Gross uses detectives' notes, trial and prison records, local newspapers, and other archival documents to reconstruct this ghastly whodunit crime in all its scandalous detail. In doing so, she gives the crime context by analyzing it against broader evidence of police treatment of black suspects and violence within the black community. A fascinating work of historical recreation, Hannah Mary Tabbs and the Disembodied Torso is sure to captivate anyone interested in true crime, adulterous love triangles gone wrong, and the racially volatile world of post-Reconstruction Philadelphia.
  • Aired on Friday, February 10, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Employment Options 2017 - Dr. Tracey Wilen

    Dr. Tracey Wilen is a researcher and speaker on the impact of technology on society, work, and careers. A former visiting scholar at Stanford University, she has held leadership positions at Apple, HP, and Cisco Systems. She was an adjunct professor for Bay area colleges teaching classes in business, technology and women's workforce topics.

    Dr. Wilen has authored 11 books, including, Employed for Life, 21st. Century Career Trends (2014), Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders (2013) and Society 3.0: How Technology Is Reshaping Education, Work, and Society (2012)." Today she discusses employment options/opportunities in 2017 - what career path is best suited for YOUR personality?
  • Aired on Friday, February 03, 2017 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - Addiction Recovery Change - Matthew Rupert

    Matthew Rupert, an addiction treatment expert walks us through Addiction, Recovery, Change - A How-To Manual For Successfully
    Navigating Sobriety. Matthew discusses the tools necessary for meeting the everyday challenges of not just getting sober, but staying sober, or helping a loved one move past addiction.

    Based on the Adams Recovery Center team's decades of hands-on clinical experience, Addiction, Recovery, Change addresses the many pitfalls, questions, doubts, and temptations faced by those in recovery and offers tips and information for making it past the most difficult obstacles.

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  • Aired on Friday, September 16, 2016 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - The Donald and Hillary -A Rebroadcast by Request - Dr. Justin A Frank

    Psychoanalyst - Author of Bush on the Couch and Obama on the Couch - takes on 'The Donald' and Hillary from a psychological perspective

    How did we get where we are in this current campaign cycle? The arguments, the fights, the threats, the promises - The name calling,
    mud-slinging - as we try to vote for a new President of the United States - how/why do we find ourselves more marginally united then we
    have been in years? Or are we?
  • Aired on Saturday, March 14, 2015 Listen Now
  • Aired on Saturday, February 21, 2015 Listen Now
    Robbin Shipp, Esq; , Co-Author of Justice While Black joins Dr. Brewer for a live conversation!  How should families think about protecting their children?  Particularly their young Black boys?  At what age should parents begin to educate their children about the realities of being Black in America?  For the answers to these questions and more – be sure to join Dr. Brewer on MyNDTALK @ 89.3 FM/ – 3-4 PM ET 

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