Because MyNDTALK is a non-profit entity – each donor is critical to our success – We are thankful to those listed below. 
This list may not be inclusive and will be periodically updated.
DONORS: Your funds go directly towards the production of MyNDTALK programs.  Thank you!
VOLUNTEERS: Your donation of time, energy and interest is invaluable! Thank you!
IN-KIND Contributions: The donation of goods/services is an important part of MyNDTALK's growth. Thank you!

  • Wanda Bair, MSW
  • Robert Brown
  • M. Lydee Battle*
  • Burkett Cochrane
  • Janet Cromes
  • Sophie Dorot *
  • Charles Eldridge
  • - "GoDaddy Cares is excited to be a part of you growing your online presence for your non-profit."
  • Richard Goldberg, MSW
  • Dr. Rosalind Griffin
  • Dr. Loretta Hobbs
  • Google #
  • Kourtney Igboo*
  • Dr. Gladys Kraft
  • Maryland Non Profits #
  • Adrienne Miranda
  • Ariel Medley*
  • Burney Simpson*
  • Antonio Slade*
  • LaDonna Smith *
  • Genise White*
  • Vertical Response #

#In Kind Contributors