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Wednesday, January 1, 2020
MyNDTALK turns 25 in 2020!
Look for new conversations in January! 

As the year begins - it is important to remember that you have choices.  
You can choose to change - and there are healthy options to assist in your making the changes you choose. 
Yesterday does not have to predict tomorrow. 
Violence - emotional, physical, financial, social, etc. can stop - and YOU can choose to assist. 

Be kind to yourself. 
Forgive yourself and others for the very human quality of being imperfect. 
Find joy in peace and the tiniest of things in your universe. 

Do nothing to hurt yourself or others
And you will experience yourself and the world in a more peaceful and respectful way. 

We are expanding the show to include others with experiences of dementia ---
If you would like to participate in this weekly series - please contact Pamela Brewer @

While your participation can not be guaranteed - please provide a brief explanation of what you would like to discuss
and your perceived benefit to the MyNDTALK listeners. 

Medical, mental health, legal, etc. professionals are encouraged to contact us.