Mindful Awareness

Sunday, February 10, 2019
Some of us have been taught, in one way or another, that it is not safe, maybe even scary, to really experience joy.

And so we learn to spend our lives waiting for the "other shoe" to drop. By so doing, we are in fact, only living half our lives. This is so much less than we deserve.

Take a moment right now to consider your life through a new lens, through an in-the-moment lens. Breath deeply and gently.  Notice your body where it sits...

  • Are you able to think and appreciate yourself?
  • That glimpse of a memory - long forgotten
  • The tiny grin when you see something equally as tiny and wonderful
  • Do you care about someone or something?
  • Wasn’t there a lovely sound you heard?
  • Wasn’t there a lovely sight you saw?
  • That smile you experienced … in spite of yourself…
  • Are you able to learn?
  • Are you able to love?
  • Are you able to communicate?
  • That wonderful memory…
  • That amazing thing... once a seed, an idea - now growing into something beautiful, something wonderful…something joyful…

This is just a tiny beginning to a way to think about and experience your life.  That there is pain, sorrow, disappointment and loss in your life, does not change the fact that there is also joy, growth, personal expansion, spiritual awakening, perhaps even a new sense or growth of purpose.… feel it … and enjoy!