I Think About Peace

Monday, September 9, 2019
Today I write about peace.  

In this circus of a world we inhabit where not a day goes by without the death of someone's dream, or the shredding of someone's hopes,

I think about peace.  

The peace of taking a minute out of your day, and sitting still.  Taking in the air around you.  Perhaps shedding a tear for what isn't - but then warming to a smile of the tiny joyful things that are...

I breathe in peace. 

When I am saddened, exhausted and worried for us all, 

I yearn for peace.

And then I am grateful that each of us in our own way - know peace, and share peace, and celebrate peace...

I share peace. 

We can choose to breathe in --- deeply and slowly --- peace and hope and a gracious love for the sounds we hear in our hearts, the flowers we see in our skins , the wisdom we know and share and learn in our being, the life that flows and gives us choices, the blood - bled dry by grief and anger and renewed again by hope and love and a gentle touch  ...

Will you join me... will you take a moment to breathe in, be and share...peace?!