Depression and Stress

Sunday, July 1, 2018

In times such as these…when stress seems to scream from the news with moment by moment speed - nothing is more critical to protect and more easily swept away than your sense of your own mental health.  Icons are passing on … wars are waging on … and life goes on… but with the daily challenges of loss, fluctuations in the economy, the challenge of finding or keeping a job… the stress of it all can challenge our own sense of solid ground upon which to rest.

During times of continual stress – often from unanticipated sources – we can find ourselves changing in ways that may not be good for us, and yet go unnoticed, by no one but us…

And just as those in the military – who used to suggest the “absence” of feelings was a good thing – are now clear that asking for help is a powerful tool along the continuum of healthy self-care.

Here are some behaviors suggest you may want to seek help or support:

1-    You experience changes in your energy levels in such a way as to interfere with your daily activities and responsibilities.

2-    You have thoughts that are very different/frightening for you.

3-    Friends, who are otherwise sources of comfort for you, now feel annoying – even burdensome.

4-    If you or someone close to you experiences a “joyful” event without the “joy" – seek help from a mental health professional.

5-    Employers/managers etc. should be mindful of employers exhibiting any of the above behaviors.

If there is the slightest chance that you or someone you love may be in immediate danger of harming self or others, IMMEDIATELY contact 911 and/or your nearest emergency room.  There are many places to turn to for support including your primary care physicial, your insurance company, the National Association of Social Workers, The American Psychological Association,, and more...