Guest Comments

Guest Comments

"MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer is caring and compassionate. She offers relevant and important insight on current health issues and topics that effect our communities."  

Beverly Wilmore
“MYNDTALK is an important venue and space for conversations that heal and enlarge the soul and spirit. Pam​ela​ Brewer is insightful wise and compassionate and her community of loyal listeners depend on her to ask the questions and get the answers that matter.”

Marita​ Golden
“The very first time that I listened to Dr. Brewer’s segment MyNDTALK some 20 years ago I was hooked.  I was captivated by her insight on a vast number of mental health issues to include relationships, domestic violence, anger management, and depression.  Her program has brought the issue of emotional abuse to the forefront of public awareness.  These are real mental health issues that often are not openly addressed.”

Marcia O.
"It has been my honor to be interviewed by Dr. Pamela Brewer. Dr. Brewer has a knack for asking insightful questions of her guests that really get to the “heart of the matter” and allows her guest to provide insightful responses… thus providing a truly meaningful experience for her listeners."

Nancy Solomon
"Interviews with Pamela are a pleasure! She prepares, really listens and asks good questions that are relevant and thoughtful." 

Syble Solomon
Financial Behaviorist/Creator of Money Habitudes® cards
"Pamela Brewer provides some of the best talk radio in the nation. She's wise, compassionate and a great interviewer. I'm very impressed with the quality and variety of her shows, and honored to have been a guest on MyNDTALK radio."

Ana Holub
Author: Forgive and Be Free: A Step-by-Step Guide to Release, Healing and Higher Consciousness
“Pamela did a great interview with me for Mental Health Month on MyNDTALK, and really helped to promote mental health in general.  She got to the core of the issues, and did so in a conversational, upbeat, and entertaining way!” 

Paul Gionfriddo
President and CEO, Mental Health America
“MyNDTALK is a wonderful experience for your listeners and a wonderful experience for authors particularly in the self-help genre. Your questions were so relevant to the consequences of unnecessary, unwanted, and unproductive interruptions, and your understanding of the distress impact that these interruptions have on the family life made our conversation comfortable and natural, and I hope your listeners benefit by learning what it was you and I were talking about in that hour that just flew by.”

Edward G. Brown
Author, The Time Bandit
"As a trauma survivor and international advocate for human, civil, children and victim rights, I was honoured and grateful for the invitation to join MyNDTALK and its thoughtful and amazing host, Dr. Pamela Brewer. Traumatic experiences can be dehumanizing, shocking and terrifying. Pamela's interview style fosters an environment where humanity takes shape and drives the conversation toward healing, rebuilding and resiliency so that the voice of the survivor can be clearly heard." 

William Kellibrew IV
International Advocate and Trauma Survivor
“My interview with Pamela was a joy and a terrific experience for me. She asked such insightful questions and kept the flow of our conversation going as though we were in one of our kitchens, chatting over a cup of tea! Pamela allowed me to talk about a topic - depression and spirituality - that some people feel uncomfortable discussing and seemed to understand the stigma and shame that often go along with this illness and the importance of spirituality in contributing to a positive state of mind.”

Kathleen Pasley
The Ten Mind Traps of Depression
A Spiritual Guide to Healing the Hurt in Your Soul
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