Conflict expert, Dana Caspersen, author of  Changing the Conversation discusses real-life examples, spot-on advice, and easy-to-grasp exercises that demonstrate transformative ways to break out of destructive patterns, to create useful dialogue in difficult situations, and to find long-lasting solutions for conflicts. You will find yourself wanting to listen to this conversation over and over again!

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Beale Street  
Following the Civil War, Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, thrived as a cauldron of sex and song, violence and passion. But out of this turmoil emerged a center of black progress, optimism, and cultural ferment. Preston Lauterbach tells this vivid, fascinating story through the multigenerational saga of a family whose ambition, race pride, and moral complexity indelibly shaped the city that would loom so large in American life. Robert Church, who would become “the South’s first black millionaire,” was a mulatto slave owned by his white father. Having survived a deadly race riot in 1866, Church constructed an empire of vice in the booming river town. He made a fortune with saloons, gambling, and?shockingly?white prostitution. But he also nurtured the militant journalism of Ida B. Wells and helped revolutionize American music through the work of composer W.C. Handy, the man who claimed to have invented the blues. In the face of Jim Crow, the Church fortune helped fashion the most powerful black political organization of the early twentieth century. Robert and his son, Bob Jr., bought and sold property, founded a bank, and created a park and auditorium for their people finer than the places whites had forbidden them to attend. However, the Church family operated through a tense arrangement with the Democrat machine run by the notorious E. H. “Boss” Crump, who stole elections and controlled city hall. The battle between this black dynasty and the white political machine would define the future of Memphis."
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Jody Gastfriend, VP of Senior Care Services for

with more than 25 years of experience in the industry and the personal experience of caring for a family member with dementia discusses the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Learn some of the steps you can take if you suspect a loved one is showing symptoms. Hear about the intricacies of caring for someone with the condition and ways to create a healthy environment for all involved—including the caregiver.

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Humbled By The Journey

Mike was born in the rural town of Manzanillo, Cuba. During revolutionary times in 1964, his family was exiled from Cuba, when Mike was 12. They traveled first to Mexico and then to America, and soon moved to New York City. " Learn how "Mike became a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and philanthropist. 
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Life Soars at the Caroline Center!

Caroline Center educates unemployed and underemployed women

In Baltimore, Maryland for careers with potential for advancement. Caroline Center s holistic approach empowers each woman to reach the fullness of her potential thus creating a future of hope for herself and her family." Meet Kiara Parker and Lisa Simms and .... 2 remarkable women who made the decision to change the trajectory of their lives...and did so brilliantly. Lisa Simms says "I deeply and truly thank The Caroline Center for having a counselor

because in my opinion, everyone needs it no matter how small or big the situation is. The Caroline Center is a big part of my support system also, I know I can always go back for support or talk to someone outside of my immediate family when I need to. Kiara knows her life is forever changed and she is looking forward to a wonderful future. These women are today's she roes - don't miss their stories.

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Inside Rehab

Join Dr. Pamela Brewer as she talks with Anne M. Fletcher who explores and explodes many of the myths of rehab and shares the current scientific thinking about what really works and what really doesn’t.   If you or anyone you know has ever talked about, thought about, experienced addiction … this is a one-hour investment that will reap many benefits!

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Poisoned Minds: Racism in the Dictionary

A conversation with Dr. Firpo Carr, author of this revised and updated book exposes and classifies racist words found among the more than 160,000 definition entries (over one million total words) in Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. Other versions of Merriam-Webster dictionaries (as well as other prominent English dictionaries) are also examined and critiqued. This comprehensive work is the result of a 25-year study by the author.

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Kathleen Landers is a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years of clinical experience in addition to program development and non-profit management in clinical and administrative positions. She has worked in supervisory and
leadership roles including manager of a hospice setting, clinical director of a special education school, and
chairperson of Montgomery County committee allocating direct service funds for high needs children.

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MyNDTALK - In Your Own Hands

Friday, June 26, 2015
If you are among the millions of Americans living with a serious chronic illness, you know how challenging it can be. While you may do your best to manage your condition, you still must live with it every day, and it can be all too easy to succumb to feelings of helplessness and  hopelessness-especially if medical science has not

yet found a safe and effective treatment for your illness, and a cure is nowhere in sight. But you don't have to live this way. Learn to chart your way to wellbeing despite your condition. By engaging in the mindfulness-based practices presented here-all based on sound science-you will

learn to take charge of your health, banish unnecessary suffering, and become the master of your own life.

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Understanding Mental Disorders

Dr. Brewer is joined by Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, CEO and President of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, Editor-in-Chief of Psychiatric News, the newspaper of the American Psychiatric Association and a member of the Editorial Advisory Group for Understanding Mental Disorders." Dr. Brewer and Dr. Borenstein discuss the history and use of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual as well as the APA's newest publication: "Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5®. This consumer guide is for anyone who has been touched by mental illness. Dr. Borenstein discusses this plan-english guide that includes descriptions of behaviors and disorders, when to seek help, and how to get the right care.
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