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MyNDTALK - A Stroke of Faith - Mark Moore

Mark Moore always believed he was in charge of his life. All that changed on a beautiful Saturday morning in May 2007. Suddenly Mark was no longer in control of anything. Though his life will never return to his pre-stroke normality, through this crisis, he has gained a deeper understanding of the centrality of God's role in his life and in all of our lives. Mark tells the story of moving from acceptance to surrender and from hope to faith. It reveals God's work in Mark's life as He transformed him from thinking he had everything
under control to knowing God has had control all along.
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MyNDTALK - The Work  - Dr. James McLeary

James McLeary, one of the Executive Producers of 'The Work' discusses his work with 'The Work' and the non-profit Inside Circle Foundation. 'Inside Circle' the non-profit organization who was the driver behind the powerful upcoming, award-winning, 'The Work' - a rare and intimate look at the men inside the maximum-security California State Folsom Prison.
MyNDTALK - Creaky Joints - Michael Kuluva

LA Designer Rocks the Fashion World with a RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) - Inspired Clothing Line Mention Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and people often think of the elderly and immobile.

Professional skater-turned-hip-fashion designer Michael Kuluva, however, is anything but. This LA-based designer shocked the fashion world at his 2016 fall show when he went public with his 6-year-battle with RA. The 33-year-old later announced that he had teamed up with Creaky Joints for his Spring/Summer 2017 collection called "Creaky and Tipsy." An offshoot of his "Tipsy and Tumbler" label, "Creaky and Tipsy" the collection features his trademark bold colors and funky, playful designs to illustrate the impact of RA and celebrate the goal of living successfully with the disease.
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MyNDTALK – Backbone - Dr. Volker Sonntag

On a beautiful spring morning in 1989, neurosurgeon and spine expert Volker Sonntag was just finishing rounds at Saint Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. At that same moment sixteen miles away, a hard-charging boy named T, J  veered his bike into the path of a speeding pickup truck. The impact all but killed the boy, leaving him with a shattered leg, severe internal injuries, a massive blood clot near the brain stem, and--but for the fragile spinal cord--a complete separation of the skull from the spine." Listen to Dr. Sonntag's extraordinary efforts to save this little boy...and so many others... 
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MyNDTALK - The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code "Renowned holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson discusses how emotionally-charged events from your past can continue to haunt you in the form of "trapped emotions"; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body. Dr. Nelson explains how trapped emotions can create pain, malfunction and eventual disease. Trapped emotions can also exert a dramatic effect on how you think and on the choices that you make. Dr. Nelson offers a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage.
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MyNDTALK - Bridging the Gap - Marcus L. Walker

There exists in the world a select group of people who see a problem, experience the problem and then work to solve the problem at potential risk to themselves and yet, no financial cost to others! One such person is Marcus L. Walker, Executive Director of Bridging The Gap: The Exchange - a national community recalibration workshop offered to law enforcement officials. "The symposium content is aimed at decreasing gaps of understanding, respect, and communication, between communities, and personnel of policing agencies who interact   with them." Be sure to listen and share this portrait in caring, courage and an active  commitment to making our world a better place.
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 Redcross Concierge - Dr. Ken Redcross

Dr. Ken Redcross offers a blend of personalized holistic medical health care. Ken believes Redcross Concierge is the future of healthcare, as it allows patients to have 24-7 access to the physician. Dr. Ken's goal is to enhance medical access and improve the doctor-patient relationship, which many believe has deteriorated over the past several years. Dr. Redcross works to change this trend by changing the landscape of healthcare. The concept of concierge medicine has grown out of the concern of physicians who are frustrated with the rapidly changing healthcare system. Redcross Concierge seeks to provide a caring, trusting relationship between a patient and physician by providing services that allow patients to have confidence in themselves and their healthcare.
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MyNDTALK - Historian & Filmmaker  - Ralph Crowder

Producer/Director Ralph L Crowder III is an independent documentary producer who concentrates on the African-American experience. Today's conversation is a focus on aspects of the historical research supporting his most recent work 'The Lost Negroes of North America'(currently in pre-production) and asks the question, "Was the Negro more progressive than the African American?" Perhaps a controversial question - but one with surprising answers! Don't miss this intriguing and thought-provoking conversation with a dedicated independent media practitioner
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MyNDTALK - Finally OUT - Loren A. Olson, MD

Dr. Loren A. Olson has frequently been asked two questions: How could you not know that you were gay until the age of forty? Wasn't your marriage just a sham to protect yourself at your wife's expense? In Finally Out, Dr. Olson answers these questions by telling the story of his evolving sexuality, into which he intelligently weaves psychological concepts and gay history. Dr. Olsen's story is a powerful exploration of human sexuality, particularly the sexuality of mature men who, like Dr. Olson, lived a large part of their lives as straight men--sometimes long after becoming aware of their same-sex attractions.
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MyNDTALK - The Entrepreneur - Michael Dermer

The difference between success and failure is your perspective," says Michael Dermer. Michael realized that with the right perspective, solutions are everywhere. With the wrong perspective, the simplest of tasks can seem impossible. Michael successfully sold his compay and become an industry pioneer. Michael discovered a methodology to help all entrepreneurs with -- the struggle. Michael discusses how to Identify the flawed perspectives one can develop under the influence of the four Ps--pressure, passion, pleasure, and pain. Michaels shows how you can change your perspectives from those that stifle progress to those that empower you to thrive.
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