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MyNDTALK - Shock Waves - Michael and Cynthia Orange

Michael and Cynthia Orange discuss their journey and the journeys of others who have learned to live with the challenges and scars of trauma and the "shock wave" effects of PTSD. Cynthia began writing Shock Waves on the eve of her 36th anniversary and reports that her life with husband Michael together continue to grow richer and stronger, even though the journey has not always been smooth or easy. We should all join in acknowledging them for their sacrifices.
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MyNDTALK - A Stroke of Faith - Mark Moore

A Stroke of Faith - Mark Moore - A Life Redrawn On a day when we are reminded of the loss as well as the bravery of so many - here is one more story of the not so every day - yet very every day - personal loss, change, bravery and recovery many experience. Mark Moore always believed he was in charge of his life. Then one day - all that quite unexpectedly changed. "Suddenly Mark was no longer in control of anything. Although his life will never return to his pre-stroke normality, through this crisis, he has gained a deeper understanding of the centrality of God's role in his life and in all of our lives. Mark
tells the story of moving from acceptance to surrender and from hope
to faith. Mark discusses God's work in his life as He transformed
Mark from thinking he had everything under control to knowing God has
had control all along." Don't miss this inspiring story.
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MyNDTALK - John Tsilimparis - Retrain Your Anxious Brain

Trouble sleeping, panic attacks, knots in your stomach, excessive worry, doubts, phobias--anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes, and affects millions of people. But you don't have to suffer anymore. Psychotherapist and anxiety expert John Tsilimparis, MFT, shares the program he's created to help hundreds of people (himself included) free themselves from crippling anxiety and live healthier, happier lives. Rather than just treating or masking symptoms, Tsilimparis's innovative approach helps you identify and short-circuit anxiety triggers, so that you can stop anxiety before it starts. This customizable plan teaches you how to: alter the fixed thoughts that can cause anxiety, adjust your existing personal belief systems and more.
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MyNDTALK - Heroin Was His Pain - Dr. Harold Jonas

With nearly 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Harold Jonas is well known in the addiction and recovery industry. In recovery for heroin addiction (clean since 1987), he is responsible for the concept, design and launch of multiple online directories serving the addiction and recovery industry including - Learn about Harold's path to recovery, his challenges, his successes and his latest app creation!
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MyNDTALK - Self-Talk is Powerful! - Erik Vance

Erik discusses the world of placebos, hypnosis, false memories, and neurology to reveal the groundbreaking science of our suggestible minds. Could the secrets to personal health lie within our own brains? Erik Vance explores the surprising ways our expectations and beliefs influence our bodily responses to pain, disease, and everyday events. Drawing on centuries of research and interviews with leading experts in the field, Vance takes us on a fascinating adventure - his first-hand dispatches will change the way you think--and feel."
Expectations, beliefs, and self-deception can actively change our bodies and minds. Vance builds a case for our "internal pharmacy"--the very real chemical reactions our brains produce when we think we are experiencing pain or healing, actual or perceived. Supporting this idea is centuries of placebo research in a range of forms, from sugar pills to shock waves; studies of alternative medicine techniques heralded and condemned in different parts of the world; and most recently, major advances in brain mapping technology.
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MyNDTALK – Another Kind Of Madness – Dr. Stephen P. Hinshaw

Families are riddled with untold secrets. But Stephen Hinshaw never imagined that a profound secret was kept under lock and key for 18 years within his family--that his father's mysterious absences, for months at a time, resulted from serious mental illness and involuntary hospitalizations. From the moment his father revealed the truth, during Hinshaw's first spring break from college, he knew his life would change forever.

Hinshaw calls this revelation his "psychological birth." After years of experiencing the ups and downs of his father's illness without knowing it existed, Hinshaw began to piece together the silent, often terrifying history of his father's life--in great contrast to his father's presence and love during periods of wellness. ...
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Michael Kulava - Using Creativity and Energy to Create a Different View of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) 

When we hear the words 'rheumatoid arthritis' (RA) - most of us think of the elderly, frail, perhaps immobile. Professional skater-turned-fashion designer Michael Kuluva, however, is anything but. This internationally lauded Los Angeles based fashion designer shocked the fashion world at his 2016 fall show when he went public with his 6-year-battle with rheumatoid arthritis. The 33-year-old later announced that he had teamed up with Creaky Joints for his Spring/Summer 2017 collection called "Creaky and Tipsy." An offshoot of his "Tipsy and Tumbler" label, "Creaky and Tipsy" the collection features his trademark bold colors and playful designs to illustrate the impact of RA and celebrate the goal of living successfully with the disease.
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MyNDTALK - The Evolving Man - Darryl Moment

Have men changed over time or remained the same? Is there a new definition of a mature man or does the 'same old one' whatever that was - remain relevant? And what about the concept of masculinity?  Have we broadened or shortened our view? What about racism? Is that an issue today? Listen to this conversation with Darryl L. Moment, Community Activist and Diversity Facilitator with The Mankind Project - an international men's organization.
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MyNDTALK – Healthy Relationships Are Possible - Steven De Salvo

Steven De Salvo - Evolve Steven's life took many turns before landing where he is today as an author, coach, musician and more. Join Steven on his path to the creation of Relationship Dynamics as he looks at how we create and sustain healthy relationships while using essential principles applied from Permaculture, including observation, resilience, and sustainability.
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MyNDTALK - Forever a Parent - Tim Hollister

A candid account of the tumult of parenting Reid through his teenage years, and then confronting the unthinkable obligations of a father to a son after a sudden tragedy... In the months following Reid’s crash, as Tim Hollister worked to steady himself and his family, he found himself consumed by an accelerated need to answer two questions: Had he been a good father? In raising his son, had he struck the right balance between exposing him to life’s risks while protecting him mrom life’s dangers?
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