MyNDTALK - Loving in the Grown Zone - Alfred A Edmond

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
MyNDTALK  -  Loving in the Grown Zone - Alfred A Edmond

Feeling stuck in your relationship? Want to learn how to transition from ho -hum to healthy and grown? Too many people have surrendered to the belief that dissatisfaction, neglect, infidelity, abuse, disrespect, conflict, exploitation and betrayal are natural, normal, and unavoidable characteristics of romantic relationships and even marriage. Alfred A. Edmond Jr. and Zara Green say we are presented with a choice: relationships that  don't last and relationships that do - as long as participants are willing to endure suffering, mistreatment, and victimization, usually at the hands of one another. Alfred A Edmond, Jr. co-author of Loving in the Grown Zone offers a rejection of that thinking. ... Relationships are not a matter of luck or chance, but of intention, learnable skills and practices, and commitment to personal growth.
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