Friday On The Other Side - Ending Zero Tolerance - Derek W. Black

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Friday - On the Other Side:  School Policies
July 21, 2017

Ending Zero Tolerance : Derek W. Black 

"In the era of zero tolerance, we are flooded with stories about
schools issuing draconian punishments for relatively innocent
behavior. One student was suspended for chewing a Pop-Tart into the
shape of a gun. Another was expelled for cursing on social media from
home. Suspension and expulsion rates have doubled over the past three
decades as zero tolerance policies have become the normal response to
a host of minor infractions that extend well beyond just drugs and
weapons. Students from all demographic groups have suffered, but
minority and special needs students have suffered the most. On
average, middle and high schools suspend one out of four African
American students at least once a year.
The effects of these policies are devastating.  Just one suspension
in the ninth grade doubles the likelihood that a student will drop
out. Fifty percent of students who drop out are subsequently
unemployed. Eighty percent of prisoners are high school drop outs.
The risks associated with suspension and expulsion are so high that,
as a practical matter, they amount to educational death penalties,
not behavioral correction tools. Most important, punitive discipline
policies undermine the quality of education that innocent bystanders
receive as well--the exact opposite of what schools intend."

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