Friday On The Other Side -Vibes From The Screen - Bob Moss

Every Friday we take a look at a wide range of events/experiences on
the other side of 'traditional' exploration - we look at the psychological impact... 24x7 On Demand

Friday: On the Other Side: Suicide
March 31, 2017

Vibes From The Screen : Bob Moss

Bob Moss introduces the listener to the elements of film, filmmakers'
techniques, and how to find the meanings portrayed. This fun and
dynamic conversation will teach you about the use of sound, light,
colors and more.  From these glimpses, you will gain a better insight
into recognizing the themes communicated through the images and
sounds of a film. The proven result is greater film enjoyment.
Whether a beginner or an experienced viewer, Bob Moss
will add to your appreciation of film and the tools used to
influence your perceptions.  In other words, learn to view your
favorite film with a thoughtful, critical eye!

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