Friday On The Other Side - Healtheo 360 - Dave Duplay

Every Friday we take a look at a wide range of events/experiences on
the other side of 'traditional' exploration - we look at the psychological impact... 24x7 On Demand

Friday: On the Other Side: Chronic Illness

 Healtheo 360 - Dave Duplay

"David Duplay founded Healtheo360 in 2013 after his sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer
and his mother with Alzheimer’s disease. After unsuccessful efforts with other support groups, due in part
to the widening age gap between members of these groups, the family was forced to search for
other outlets of social support. In response, Healtheo360 was

started. Healtheo360 is a "Caring Community" where patients living with chronic conditions,
such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, and many others come to find support, encouragement,
and information. Members share their health related stories and learn from each other through discussion."
At healtheo360 there is a belief in the healing power of story telling and the benefits of sharing personal stories. 

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