FRIDAY: MyNDTALK Available 24x7

As we come to a pause in our 25 years at MyNDTALK - we wish to thank all of our listeners, supporters and volunteers. 

At the end of April will begin our pause - we will be on hiatus from May 1 - August 31st 

During that time we will be preparing MyNDTALK for an audio/video offering.  If you would like to be kept up to date or make suggestions/request for the retooled MyNDTALK - send an email to

Welcome to MyNDTALK's 25th Birthday!!! 

While we celebrate our years and your support - we look forward to bringing you MyNDTALK in a different way.
We will begin to reduce the number of on line air days.
MyNDTALK will be on hiatus from April 30 - August 31
Our expectation is to move to an online video platform

and likely end the online programming - while maintaining the online archives.
To receive more detail about the changes and the timeline -
send an email to to be placed on the MyNDTALK Transitions mailing list.

You will only receive periodic updates - you are not signing up for the daily program updates when you send your request to

MyNDTALK is available to you on Demand at and so many more.