Women's Wednesday - Dr. Mary Plouffe: I Know It in My Heart

Women's Wednesday 
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May 31, 2017

Dr. Mary Plouffe: I Know It in My Heart

A three-week adventure becomes a tragic dilemma for a loving sister,
a motherless child, and a terrified father facing unimaginable loss
together and using their relationships with one another to survive.
Dr. Plouffe explores the impact of early parental loss, the evolution
of grief from toddler to teenager, and the devastation of adult
sibling loss. For Mary, a grieving sister who is also a psychologist,
this story is more than a memoir; it is an exploration of childhood
and adult grief. This is a guide for families, therapists, and anyone
else who wants to see loss through the eyes of a child and understand
how those losses impact them as they grow.

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