MyNDTALK 5/30 History P 2 Jim Brown

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Transitions TUESDAY
We all experience transiions in our lives.   Follow this man's journey with dementia
"5/30" A Real Time Dementia Story

A life truly well lived and being lived.  With a working history in the communications industry of 50+ years, Jim has worked as a producer in radio, television and podcasting.  He has been an active administrator, instructor, trainer, mentor, consultant and community media activist.  On May 30, 2019 Jim was diagnosed with Dementia : Alzheimer's  with Vascular Involvement.  Jim has chosen to share his story with the hope of shedding light, exploding myths and offering wisdom.  Today you will hear more of the history that has made Jim the person he is today.
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