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Men's Monday

  • Aired on Sunday, April 22, 2018 Listen Now
    In a televised social experiment before millions of viewers, police sergeant Derrick Levasseur demonstrated that techniques used by undercover detectives could help people achieve their goals in everyday social situations. The result: he walked away with more than half a million dollars. Today, Derrick shares his personal mind-set surrounding human behavior and motivation. Derrick also discusses the tools he acquired while overcoming personal adversity and working more than a decade in law enforcement. Derrick offers you tools for your use - right now! 
  • Aired on Sunday, April 15, 2018 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - A Journey Through PTSD - Marc Raciti

    "Retired Major Marc Raciti discusses his experience through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a veteran of the United States Army. Marc talks about his journey, from the beginning of his realization there was a problem, to the moment he found the courage to get well.  His hope is that he will be able to inspire others to want to get well, and to help those who continue to suffer
  • Aired on Sunday, April 08, 2018 Listen Now
    There are many medical conditions that can impact your ability to enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner as you may have previously. Many believe that something impacting one's ability to enjoy intimacy means the cessation of sexual intimacy.  Not so say today's guests - Michael and Jacqueline!~~

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Transitions Tuesday

  • Aired on Monday, April 23, 2018 Listen Now
    A guide to personal and professional empowerment through civility and social skills by two White House social secretaries who offer an important fundamental message - everyone is important, and everyone deserves to be treated well. Berman and Jeremy Bernard worked for very different administrations (Lea for George and Laura Bush and Jeremy for the Obamas), but their White House experiences were strikingly similar. They realized that social skills, such as charm, humor, and grace are teachable life lessons and can make you an invaluable member of any team.They seek to teach lessons that are perhaps critical to healthy survival in today's world.
  • Aired on Monday, April 16, 2018 Listen Now
    Cheryl discusses her journey through feelings of grief and unworthiness to wholeness and healing. It begins with the sudden death of Rice’s mother, followed by her foray into the center of mourning. Rice recounts the grief games she plays in an effort to resurrect her mother; her efforts to get her therapist to run away with her; and the transformation of her husband from fantasy man to an ordinary guy to superhero.
  • Aired on Monday, April 09, 2018 Listen Now
    In a world where so many feel that they have lost their way, The Slave, though often harrowing, yet ultimately uplifting, will suggest answers to many who wrestle with the eternal questions about the real purpose of our time on earth, and to reflect upon the direction of our own lives. Author Anand Dilvar says 'The Slave' is designed to shake, shudder and wake us up. This is a conversation about joy, love and peace.

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Women's Wednesday

  • Aired on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Listen Now
    Aimee was living a normal life raising three kids, married to her high school sweetheart, and teaching at her high school alma mater. Life was perfect—until it wasn’t. Unhappy in her marriage, Aimee asked for a divorce. Three days later, she suffered a heart attack. Five months after that, she survived a near-fatal car crash caused by an intoxicated driver. Her physical recovery took months and left her body marked by scars. The emotional recovery would take longer.
  • Aired on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 Listen Now
    A unique and hopeful story of how one woman and her family were transformed by her child's multiple disabilities and inability to talk. ... It is the story of a mother and writer and the illuminating effect of imagining the world through the eyes of her beautiful, charismatic, and nonverbal son, Felix. ...  As Felix grows bigger and stronger, his assaults against himself grow more destructive. When his bruised limbs and face prompt Child Services to investigate for abuse, Eliza realizes how dangerous her home has become
  • Aired on Tuesday, April 03, 2018 Listen Now
    She has 4000+ followers on Facebook and almost 8000 followers on Twitter. She is a go-getter, Hall o Famer, first African American woman to own a pro women's basketball team, brand consultant, author, speaker and so much more.  If you are wondering how to create your business, market yourself, brand your business, Kandi Condi is the person to see. If you are wondering how to live a life you love, this conversation is the one to hear! 

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Thoughtful Thursday

  • Aired on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Listen Now
    By high school she was anorexic and a substance abuser—common "shadow syndromes" of OCD. By adulthood, she could barely hide her problems and held on to jobs and friends through sheer grit. Help finally came in the form of a miraculously well-timed public service announcement about OCD--at last, her illness had an identity!
  • Aired on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 Listen Now
    Many have experienced emotional neglect during childhood - and may not have recognized what was happening. Dr. Jonice Webb helps to identify and understand the effects of CEN on people’s lives: how to talk about CEN, and heal it, in relationships with partners, parents, and children.
  • Aired on Wednesday, April 04, 2018 Listen Now
    Sex, God, and the Conservative Church author Dr. Tina Sellers walk clinicians, listeners, and readers through a critique of Western culture and the conservative Christian Church, and their effects on intimate partnerships and sexual lives. Dr. Sellers offers a way to understand the faulty sexual ethic of the early church while revealing the hidden mystical sex and body positive understanding of sexuality of the Hebrew people. ... Sellers offers a model for healing religious sexual shame and exercises to bring healing and intimacy into a person's life.  

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Friday: On The Psychological Side

  • Aired on Thursday, April 19, 2018 Listen Now
    From Trayvon Martin to Freddie Gray, the stories of police violence against Black people are too often in the news. In Policing Black Bodies Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith make a compelling case that the policing of Black bodies goes far beyond these individual stories of brutality. They connect the regulation of African American people in many settings, including the public education system and the criminal justice system, into a powerful narrative about the myriad ways Black bodies are policed

  • Aired on Thursday, April 12, 2018 Listen Now
    An urgent and timely memoir exploring the unseemly reality of childhood sexual abuse, a scourge on too many neighborhoods, often hiding in plain sight. Millions of victims remain silent, buried under the weight of their own guilt, shame, and addiction. Many men are among the abused and choose to remain silent. As an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, Larry Ruhl shows how only by sharing can healing begin.
  • Aired on Thursday, April 05, 2018 Listen Now
    When former homicide detective Michael Calvin starting having hallucinations and delusions, no one thought that it might be Parkinson's disease. The stereotypical image of a Parkinson's disease patient, after all, is that of a slow-moving, shuffling man or woman. It took Michael seeing icebergs floating in the warm Caribbean Sea and his grown children sitting on the couch when they were nowhere in sight for his wife Renee, a registered nurse, to spring into action. And spring into action she did...

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  • Aired on Friday, September 16, 2016 Listen Now
    MyNDTALK - The Donald and Hillary -A Rebroadcast by Request - Dr. Justin A Frank

    Psychoanalyst - Author of Bush on the Couch and Obama on the Couch - takes on 'The Donald' and Hillary from a psychological perspective

    How did we get where we are in this current campaign cycle? The arguments, the fights, the threats, the promises - The name calling,
    mud-slinging - as we try to vote for a new President of the United States - how/why do we find ourselves more marginally united then we
    have been in years? Or are we?
  • Aired on Saturday, March 14, 2015 Listen Now
  • Aired on Saturday, February 21, 2015 Listen Now
    Robbin Shipp, Esq; , Co-Author of Justice While Black joins Dr. Brewer for a live conversation!  How should families think about protecting their children?  Particularly their young Black boys?  At what age should parents begin to educate their children about the realities of being Black in America?  For the answers to these questions and more – be sure to join Dr. Brewer on MyNDTALK @ 89.3 FM/ – 3-4 PM ET 

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