Dear Guest,

We are delighted that you are going to be a part of MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela brewer. In preparation for your MyNDTALK interview, you might choose to go to - you can listen to previous interviews, which will give you a sense of Dr. Brewer’s interviewing style. is also the site you and yours can go to the homepage to listen to your interview the day it is aired.  After the airdate, your interview will be archived under the day(not date) on which you appeared @  You will also be able to access your interview on demand via the MyNDTALK iTunes app, MyNDTALK GooglePlay app and more. 

We ask that you read this document in its entirety prior to your interview… even if you are an ‘old hand’ at this stuff.

Your participation in MyNDTALK is your way of giving back.  It is your way of sharing your awareness with others and in so doing, growing us all. Thank you.

If you are providing background material for use during your interview – please plan to email the information ( no later than 1 week (7 days) prior to your interview.

While Dr. Brewer prefers not to talk with guests prior to an interview – the provision of background material is essential for preparation. MyNDTALK reserves the right to postpone/reschedule/cancel interviews when the background material is not provided in a timely manner.

MyNDTALK listeners are adult women and men who tend to have enjoyed at least some college experience – many have graduate and post-graduate degrees. MyNDTALK listeners include mental health, legal and educational professionals as well as community/labor etc. activists, religious leaders, and the general population. 

MyNDTALK's online following ranges from 18-65+.  The 18-44 audience is primarily female.  The 45 - 65+ audience is primarily male. MyNDTALK is available at several venues including via the MyNDTALK APP - a free download from the iTunes store and the GooglePlay store. 

On the day of your interview, you will receive a call from the Managing Producer, Jim Brown (240) 604-3318 @ 15 minutes before record time.  He is calling to check the quality of the phone connection and answer any last minute questions you may have.  All things being equal – Jim will then call back via the MyNDTALK skype line to conduct the interview at the scheduled time.

Interviews via landline are always preferred. Please do not use a headset or a speaker phone during the interview.  If you are outside of the united states, we would anticipate that you call in via skype. The MyNDTALK skype telephone number is 301.825.5407

Questions are not provided ahead of time – but know that they will be focused on your book/article/document/life.

For those of you who are “old hands” at radio – consider this a reminder of what you already know.  For those who are “new hands”  at radio…here are a few tips…

The sound system is quite sensitive and will even pick up rustling papers, whispers, etc.  - so if you need to have something in front of you - just make sure the pages are laid out for quick, easy, silent access :-) 

Be sure to speak directly into the phone - this way your voice will be clearly heard.

2A - Have water nearby – if you have to take a swallow during the interview – turn away from the receiver, as the microphone will pick up your swallowing.

3A - If you are asked anything that you are uncomfortable with answering - just say so - the goal always is that you feel comfortable to say whatever you say... Except…

3B - "The seven dirty words"  which are a violation of FCC rules/regs and will get us pulled off the air.  No ifs/ands/buts here – FCC is clear about their ruling.  We need to be as well.


4 - FYI: because the microphone is so sensitive – it would be advisable to remove your watch, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. before a record.

5- Please remain on the line at the close of your interview until Dr. Brewer gives you the “all clear”. 

6- If you have not already – please provide your email address so that you can be added to the MyNDTALK mailing list and notified of the air date(s) for your interview.

When you respond to this email with your phone number - please acknowledge that you are aware of the prohibition against "the seven dirty words" - and ask any questions that remain unanswered... 

MyNDTALK will promote your interview using one or more of the following venues – and would ask that you alert your contacts as well:
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"See" you soon!  

Pamela Brewer
Host/Executive Producer
MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela brewer

Jim Brown
Managing Producer
(240) 604-3318

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