With an awareness that mental and relationship health is the bedrock of a fully functioning society, MyNDTALK was launched to help address the unmet need – the poorly/insufficiently communicated mental/relationship health information so much needed and often overlooked/unavailable to the greater population.

MyNDTALK is an international, independent, award-winning mental health and relationship health awareness program.

MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer began in September 1995. Now in its 23rd year, MyNDTALK has grown from a weekly to a daily relationship/mental health program with a goal to inform and inspire self-respect and self-awareness and personal empowerment, in short – mental and relationship wellness – mental and relationship health literacy.

As of March 31, 2014, the program became available as a daily podcast on demand @ MyNDTALK.org In the Washington, DC Tri-State area on WPFW 89.3FM/www.wpfw.org is a daily broadcast. The show is available nationally to all Pacifica sister stations and affiliates on the proprietary Pacifica audio port and via the KU stream every day as well as a multitude of other sites. Effective September 1, 2018 - MyNDTALK will broadcast as a daily 1/2 hour program.

The goal of MyNDTALK interviews is to provide the MyNDTALK listener with current, thoughtful, often provocative insights into current social/ psychological issues that affect daily lives and impact mental health/well-being. Critical thinking skills are the hallmark of a healthy, vibrant, growing, thoughtful, mindful world. The ongoing hope, goal, and activities of MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer has always been and will always be the provision and dissemination of quality information in the areas of relationship health and mental health - because this is the way we as people grow and survive, embrace and teach, live and live boldly, mindfully and well.

Previous guests have included Dr. Justin Frank (Bush On the Couch & Obama On the Couch), Bruce Jacobs (Race Manners), Dr. Nina Brown (Children Of The Self-Absorbed) Dr. Thomas Harbin (Beyond Anger) and Dr. William Doherty (Take Back Your Marriage).

Dr. Brewer continues to interview “everyday people” who share their personal journeys with the listener – both as a way of enriching their own experiences as well as the lives of the MyNDTALK listeners.

Monday programming is all about men, Tuesday focuses on transitions, Wednesday is about women, Thoughtful Thursday presents an expert in an area related to the growth of mental/relationship health literacy and Friday is ‘On The Psychological Side ‘ – exploring the mental health side of events/experiences not ordinarily associated with mental health.

If you are interested in carrying MyNDTALK or learning more about the program, please email Pamela@MyNDTALK.org

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