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"Our lives are guided by the quality of our emotional/mental/relationship health" - PB

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  • MyNDTALK - Childcare for Autistic Children - Cecilia Knight Aired on Friday, July 22, 2016
    Institute for Behavioral Training - Cecilia Knight (to assist individuals working with those on the Autism Spectrum)The Institute for Behavioral Training (IBT) is a one-stop training hub for people who interact with, teach, care for, and treat individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). IBT was developed by a professional team ... with over…

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  • Thoughts From Dr. Brewer ... Written on Tuesday, May 24, 2016
     I realize that I am close to speechless with grief over the lives stolen , and anger over the lives cut short, fear and hope for tomorrow...THE KILLING HAS TO STOPTHE RACISM HAS TO STOPTHE COMITTMENT TO THINKING ABOUT YOUR…